Ignace Delaet, the youngest intern of Lőrik Law Office


Ignace Delaet

Ignace Delaet at Lőrik Law Office

I am currently studying at French school of Budapest where I decided to have my 3 day long mandatory internship of April 2018 at Lorik Law Office, where I was personally mentored by the managing partner and received the title of youngest intern.


Name: Ignace Delaet

Age: 03/02/203 (15 in april 2018)

Aspirations: Criminal (penal) lawyer

School: French school of Budapest

The whole story


In 2009 me and my parents used to watch Drop Dead Diva, a lawyer series. I didn’t understand much, but I wanted to, so I pretended to understand. But as I grew, so did the series and I started understanding, the fact that I could be a future lawyer was getting more realistic, unfortunately the series ended. But I didn’t quit, I continued reading cases trying to understand the system until this perfect internship opportunity.


between lawyers…

Since I was young, I have wanted to be a lawyer, I find the most interesting field criminality. I am hoping to succeed my studies in order to follow a proper training. Yes beeing a lawyer means constant work, tiring work, paper work but just knowing that by doing that, you’re changing this world just a little, and putting justice on these streets, I can get over the work.